22nd July: This Week’s Family DVD Releases

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Each week FILMCLUB’s experts in film pick a selection of their favourite DVD releases for young kids to teens, under the age of 18.

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Cert: PG

FILMCLUB recommended age Rating: 4+

Running Time: 107 mins

Year Produced: 2011

Director: Gore Verbinski

Cast: Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy, Alfred Molina, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin

A chameleon with an identity crisis embarks on a hilarious journey of self-discovery in this energetic, computer-animated comedy. Johnny Depp provides the voice for the confused family pet, Rango, who accidentally ends up in the Wild West-style town of Dirt – a lawless outpost populated by enjoyably outrageous critters.

Suddenly, after dreaming of being noticed all his life, the actually less-than-brave lizard finds himself hailed as the townsfolk’s last hope and talked into becoming the new sheriff. It’s a role Rango’s forced to play with the utmost vigour to appear convincing; until a series of action-packed encounters gradually transform him into the hero he always wanted to be.

Boasting fantastic, candy-coloured visuals and top-notch casting, this character-driven twist on the Spaghetti Western is a weird but very funny film.

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The Eagle


Cert: 12

FILMCLUB recommended age Rating: 11+

Running Time: 114 mins

Year Produced: 2011

Director: Kevin Macdonald

Cast: Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland, Channing Tatum, Mark Strong, Tahar Rahim

Marcus Flavius Aquila, a young Roman Centurion, has distinguished himself in battle, but his heroics have left him injured and unable to fight. Determined to restore his family name, he sets off into unconquered British territory to recover the lost military standard – “The Eagle” – that belonged to his father’s legion.

He’s accompanied by a young slave, Esca, who is indebted to him after Marcus saved his life. But when the tables are turned and the pair are no longer on Roman-friendly soil, will Esca stay true to his word?

A tale of friendship, loyalty and honour, this classic adventure is based on Rosemary Sutcliff’s best-loved 1954 novel.

Related Films: Spartacus (1960, PG), The Last King of Scotland (2006, 15), Alexander The Great (1956, U), Ben Hur (1959, PG), Gladiator (2000, 15)


Justin Bieber: Never Say Never


Cert: U

FILMCLUB recommended age Rating: 5+

Year Produced: 2011

Cast: Justin Bieber

It’s undoubtedly the DVD release that tons of you have been waiting for!

Never Say Never is the true story of how Justin went from being a street performer in a small American town to an internet phenomenon and global superstar.

And with every copy you buy right now, you could win a chance to meet Justin Bieber in the USA!

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