Avengers Assemble! What’s it like?

Avengers Assemble is out on DVD and us lot at Fun Kids are very excited about it!

We wanted to find out more about the movie so we sent a reporter to tell us what it was like.

β€œNot a big fan of superhero movies? Neither was I until I saw The Avengers in action.Β 

I recently went to see the film Avengers Assemble and it was one of the greatest films I have seen in a long time. For a start, the cast is an amazing ensemble of huge stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson and many more. The Avengers is such a unique superhero movie in the fact that it is not just about one superhero its a group of them and the whole concept of the film just defies the usual, generic superhero movies where they fall in love, something bad happens and there’s a happy ending, the end.Β 

It’s far much more than that, it is an action packed movie from start to finish with the addition of a female superhero which made it more appealing to the female audience as we don’t usually see women superheroes in films.Β  It also has an element of comedy and side splitting one liners which, for me, completed the film and made it all the more enjoyable to watch as it wasn’t constant fighting and action, it had these parts which would make you laugh making it come alive more and give you a real look into the certain superheroes personalities and characters.Β 

Overall I think that Avengers Assemble was a fantastic film. I could not possibly recommend this film anymore than I already have, so don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself…!”

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