Classic Kids Film Review: The Wizard of Oz

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Below you can read review of the classic film The Wizard of Oz. Even though it was made in 1939, does it still appeal to kids today?

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Here’s what 12-year-old Sarah-Jane thought:

wizard-of-oz-2I found that the Wizard of Oz was both a drama and a comedy with a very good and interesting but complicated storyline. I think the idea of having the genre comedy and drama was a good idea, because it was such a long film, it could have gotten a bit repetitive or boring.

The idea of the whole film is about Dorothy, a typical teenager, who lives in Kansas, seeking a better and more exciting life. She decides to run away, but suddenly gets caught up in a massive tornado that swoops her into the magical Land of Oz.

wizard-of-oz-1At the beginning of the film, it was filmed in black and white, which suggests that Dorothy’s life was quite boring and simple. So it makes it easier to understand why she would want to run away.

But suddenly when she reaches Munchkin land, it turns into colour, which give you quite a shock. I think this was a really good and clever idea to get the audience more interested.

wizard-of-oz-3She then finds herself meeting loads of new people as she starts her long journey back home. Dorothy soon realises that she took her life at home for granted, and how there’s no place like home.

I think that this film has loads of different morals and hidden messages, which you understand subconsciously; an example of this is how a journey can change you and make you become more mature. Like Dorothy, finding her way back home, is kind of like her growing up and growing into a stronger and not so shy person.

wizard-of-oz-4Even though this film has loads of strange ideas, I think it adds to the fantasy and the magic to the land of Oz. But on the other hand, I think at the end it should have had a stronger and better ending because it had a short beginning, a really long middle and a rushed ending.

So I find that it would have been more effective if they really described the ending and made it really over the top and exciting because there was a really big build up to the end, and the end was a bit of a let down.

But to conclude, I think it is a really good film, which captures your imagination and inspires you.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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