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Below you can read the review of the new DVD Despicable Me by FILMCLUB member TJ Sainsbury-Logan aged 10 from Frettenham Primary School in Norfolk.

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despicablemeFantastic, wicked and awesome. Despicable Me is one of the funniest and most laughable movies I have ever seen.

The horrid tricks Gru plays with his miniature henchmen (his minions) on other people at the beginning are really mean and funny.His hundreds of minions are quite stupid and don’t seem as nasty as Gru but they are so funny without meaning to be.

DespicableMe2010-sidekicksThey all live at Gru’s lair, hidden in a normal house in a quiet street. This was quite scary really because it could have been in anyone’s street.

As the movie goes on it is clear that the main character, Gru, is a villain and he is in competition with another villain, Vector, to steal the moon. The only way he can get the moon is with a shrink ray gun which Vector has hidden in his massive fortress of a home.

Gru sees three orphan children selling cookies and devises a plan using these girls to get inside Victor’s house, get the shrink ray gun and then steal the moon for himself.

despicable_me_kidsHis plan to adopt these girls starts to go wrong when they begin to show him some love and make him look at life differently. His annoyance with the children starts to change to affection with hilarious consequences.

I think it was lovely that the girls brought out a caring side in Gru. They had such fun, especially at the fairground when they made him go on the rollercoaster.

The unbelievable music in the film is really cool and the funny antics of the minions made me laugh out loud. I also liked the killer dog as it tried to rip Gru’s leg off many times.

This film made me feel sad occasionally but eventually it had a happy ending for Gru and the girls.

My opinion of this film is great but not quite there all of the time. I don’t like cartoon films but this one was everything you could have wished for. I give this thrilling movie 4.5 stars out of 5.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Despicable Me (U) is out now on DVD

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