DVD Review – Alpha & Omega

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Below you can read the review of the animated film Alpha & Omega by FILMCLUB members in Year 7A from Haberton Special School in Belfast.

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alphaomegaskiingThe two main characters in the movie are called Kate and Humphrey. They are two wolves who set out on an adventure together to reunite two fighting wolf packs. Kate is a trained Alpha and Humphrey is an Omega. This story is all about teamwork, friendship, love, treating everyone equally and accepting each other’s differences.

Our favourite characters were Kate, Lilly, Humphrey, Tony, Salty and Winston. They are funny, kind and good fun to watch. The actors had very good voices and they really suited the characters.

alpha-omega-trailerThis film is a comedy and is also a romantic film. It had a bit of drama in it, especially at the end. It made us feel happy and excited when we were watching it. Some parts of the story were quite sad.

The pictures and animation were fantastic and very colourful. The wolves walked and ran like real animals. The hairstyles on the wolves were unusual but cool. Wolves don’t normally have hairstyles and we thought this was very creative. The scenery was really good. You could see lots of trees, mountains, snow and birds flying about. We think that it looks realistic like Canada.

alpha-omega-filmThe best part about this movie was that it was fun and exciting to watch. It is even better than Shark Tale and Mega Mind!  The story line was amazing, the characters were brilliant and we liked them a lot. We especially liked the wolves’ howling and singing. We couldn’t stop watching it, it was like our eyes were glued to the TV screen. The fight scene and the stampede could have been slightly better because the wounds didn’t look very real.

We would give this movie five stars because it’s AWESOME! We would definitely recommend this movie for people of all ages. Anyone can enjoy watching it whether you are young or old.

Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Alpha and Omega (U) is out on DVD 21st February

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