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Below you can read the reivew of Beauty and the Beast (re-release) by FILMCLUB member Emma Lewis, aged 14, from The Woodroffe School in Dorset.

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BeautyAndBeastDiamondBlurayComboThe film follows the journey of the Prince as he goes from a conceited and arrogant unkind character to a caring being that mends his bad ways.

At the start we find him as the beast he is on the inside, however, a number of coincidences bring beautiful bookworm Belle towards the enchanted castle.

As time passes her intelligence and wit start to melt the Beast’s frozen heart and they both begin to become drawn to each other, but will love prevail or will time run out…

Disney has captured human expressions and feelings perfectly in each separate character.

The transformed cook Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth and Chip the teacup all bring humour to this well loved childhood tale.

The professor: Belle’s father is a lovely character that is awfully misunderstood by the rest of the village.

The evil Gaston (voice is Richard White) is even worse than the Prince was at the beginning and the song named ironically, “Gaston” punctuates this perfectly.

beautyandthebeastPaige O’Hara has a lovely voice that fits the part of Belle very well and she very adeptly sings the songs “Something there” and “Belle” which both occur in the first part of the film.

The original tale from 1740 by Gabrielle – Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve is very different from the stylised version for children today. La Belle et la Bete has been changed and adapted ever since 1756 until it became the well know story today. This particular version was released in 1991 by Disney.

Overall I think Beauty and the Beast is a fun film with a good storyline and songs that can become annoyingly catchy. There are also many little bites of adult humour to amuse the grown ups who watch it with their children.

However, I don’t really think the extended scenes make much of a difference and that they didn’t really add anything to it. In places, they made the parts a little too lengthy but despite this, it is still a film to be ranked among the other Disney princess stories.

For under 10’s and those who wish to revisit the films they grew up with.

Rating: 3 and a half/5

Beauty & The Beast (cert U) is out now on DVD & Blu Ray

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