DVD Review – Billy Liar

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Below you can read the review of Billy Liar by FILMCLUB member Catherine Beeby aged 11 from Harlow Green Community Primary School in Gateshead.

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billy-lierThe film Billy Liar was well suited to the film as Billy Fisher was a bad liar.

There very funny parts and not so funny parts as Billy’s Grandma dies in hospital.

The film was made in 1960’s (without colour) and the special effects weren’t the best but still very good.

He was well known to be in a mix up. His parents were not the best role models in his life, but the night before he went to London (or was planning to) he was told that he couldn’t go to London because his parents needed him at home.

Billy hadn’t told anyone that he was engaged to three women but it didn’t matter as none of them married in the film.

It was the first Black and White film I’ve seen and was very good. Billy often went off into a fantasy world where everything was his way and he was in charge as he was the Prime Minster of the country. I think that some people may find it hard to understand, as you sometimes don’t know when he is in a dream.

I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to 8 year old and above to 12 or 13 year olds as there are violent scenes in his dreams but only a few. I am giving Billy Liar five stars!

Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Billy Liar (PG) is out now on DVD

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