DVD Review – Classic Godzilla!

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Below you can read the review of the classic Godzilla film that was made in 1954 by FILMCLUB member ZiadΒ  El-Toudmeri aged 13 from Park Hall School in Birmingham.

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Godzilla 1954 3Godzilla is a great film to watch even if it hasn’t been dubbed from Japanese to English. The special effects were extremely good for the time, and I believe that it is better than some modern films.

The story line is brilliant and is way ahead of its time as it uses a clever theory of science and links it into the action. Commentary from the news and information from the newspapers helps you understand what’s happening.

godzilla-3Furthermore, the music accompanying it adds a great atmosphere, especially as there is a musical theme for Godzilla beginning just before he appears.

Graphics-wise I think that Godzlla would as good as, if not better, then films like Avatar if it was produced in the 50s.

Whether it was because there was a limited amount of time to spend on the film or not I think that the film began too quickly as it gets straight to the point, which unfortunately I think is a down-point.

godzilla-2Another problem is that there is no time to expand on characters and build on their relationships with the other characters.

I would recommend this film to anyone though as it offers entertainment throughout the film and creates questions for the audience that is unravelled as the film continues.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Godzilla (1954, PG) is out now on DVD

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