DVD Review – Mac and Me

Each week FILMCLUB will be bringing you two reviews – a new DVD release and one of the classics that feature on the charity’s 4,000 strong catalogue.

And so you know exactly whether you’ll like it or not, the reviews come from kids just like you!

Below you can read the review of Mac and Me by FILMCLUB member Tyrese Logan, aged 11, from Anson Primary School, Brent.

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mac-meThis is a great film written and directed by Stewart Raffill and starring a family of rubbery aliens.

When the aliens are accidently brought to Earth and escape from some scientists, they get split up. The youngest member of the family, Mac, ends up making friends with Eric, who has just moved in to his new house.

The bits when Mac and his family break out of the space probe and Mac runs around came across as really funny. When Mac is disguised in a teddy bear suit and break dancing I couldn’t stop laughing.

The message of the film is really simple because it shows you not to be selfish in any way; you must care about others more than yourself. Eric cared for Mac and his family and the aliens cared for Eric too.

The film is a bit like E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, but the difference is that E.T’s family are trying to look for him and his family are not on Earth. With Mac and Me, Mac is trying to look for his family and his family are trying to look for him. They even communicate across the country making weird noises.

You should sit down and watch Mac and Me with your friends. It will give you a lot of laughs and is a good way to spend time on a rainy day. By the end, you’ll be hoping for the best and wondering, “how on Earth did Mac do that?”

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