DVD Review – The Garbage Pail Kids

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Below you can read the review of The Garbage Pail Kids by FILMCLUB member Junaiyat Chowdhury, aged 9.

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This film is extraordinary. The Garbage Pail Kids just couldn’t possibly be any grosser!

With names like Messie Tessie, Valeria Vomit, Windy Winston, Foul Phil and Nat Nerd, it’s no surprise that their habits are so disgusting. I’m not sure I’d be able to write them down, but let’s just say they involve bogies and bad wind. Well they do live in the bins after all, so what else would you expect?

The design team’s costumes and masks are absolutely brilliant and bring out their grossness even more. However they are a clever lot too; especially when they get the better of the bad guys by putting boiling hot water in their bath.

I thought that Tangerine, played by Katie Barberi, was a traitor. She told Dodger (Mackenzie Astin) that she wouldn’t tell anybody about the Garbage Pail Kids and she even crossed her heart, but she still told her friends anyway. So people should be careful about trusting others too easily.

My least favourite character was the main villain because he bullied people, especially when he took the Garbage Pail Kids to the home. That part of the film really got to me because I couldn’t believe that places like that even existed.  Are people really like that?

I think that the film could do with some suspense to make it more exciting, nevertheless it was great.  I would recommend this film to children aged 7-15, and I’d be happy to see more films like this in the future.

Rating: 4/5 star, The Garbage Pail Kids (cert PG) is out now on DVD

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