Family Films for the Royal Wedding


You’ve probably noticed that there’s a pretty big wedding happening this Friday!

young-victoria-782178And as wedding fever sweeps the UK ahead of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, the experts at FILMCLUB have put their clever brains to use by putting together a list of great films perfect for getting you into thw wedding spirit!

These films are guaranteed to bring British history to life and offer an interesting look at life as a Royal, this Royal Wedding Week!

sword-in-stone_1Full synopses and the films themselves are available to members through the website

So here’s our Royal History season:

The Madness of King George (PG)

Poignant yet amusing look at the 18th-century monarch’s alleged slide into insanity.

Young Victoria (PG)

Unusual portrayal of a young, beautiful and spirited Queen Victoria when she was romanced by Prince Albert.

Mrs Brown (PG)

Biopic about Queen Victoria focusing on her loves.

The Queen (12)

Helen Mirren stars as our monarch in Peter Morgan’s film about a key moment in British history.

The Lost Prince (12)

Stephen Poliakoff film about the life of Prince John, King George V’s son who suffered from epilepsy

Cromwell (PG)

Biopic of English Republican Oliver Cromwell, who led forces attempting to overthrow the monarchy of King Charles I in a bloody civil war.

The Virgin Queen (U)

Bette Davis plays Queen Elizabeth I in this swashbuckling tale of court intrigue and romance.

A Kid In King Arthur’s Court (PG)

Based on the famous Mark Twain novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, transplanted into the twentieth century.

The Sword In The Stone (U)

The legend of King Arthur gets the Disney treatment in this lively animated adventure.


Are there any others you’d suggest? Then leave a comment below!

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