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Below you can read the review of the re-released Disney film Fantasia by FILMCLUB member Chris Fox aged 13 from the Outwood Grange Academy, Wakefield.

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Some films are romance films others are horror and thriller films but Fantasia is in a league of its own. Using clever animated interpretations they put pictures to a number classical pieces played by the incredible Philadelphia choir conducted by the amazing Leopold Stokowski.

Although it is a good film it does start rather slowly, the first two interpretations being rather dull and uninteresting, but after the unimpressive start the film really picks up despite the lack of dialogue during the interpretations.

In addition, the set out of the movie is very clever as it set out like a music hall concert even including an interval to complete this effect.

This film could also have been the inspiration for numerous other Disney films as some of the interpretations feature ideas for other films that were made in later years.

For instance, the gods in Disney’s mythological adventure Hercules are the spitting image of the gods shown in one of the interpretations and Mickey Mouse is featured in a good interpretation that is based around the classical piece “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

This film was and still is an enjoyable film and it is absolutely fascinating and ingenious for the time it was made, but I do not think it is worth sitting down for two hours for, I think it would have been better to turn it into a collection of TV episodes rather than a whole film.

I also found that through most of the movie, it was not very riveting and I felt the urge at points to stop watching the film  and do something else so I think younger people would not be fully interested in this form of entertainment.

This movie then is fascinating, new and in a league of its own but because of the fact, it is not very riveting and rather slow to start I would only give this film 3 out of 5 stars.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Fantasia (PG) is out now on DVD and blu-ray

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