Film of the Week: John Carter

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Only one notable family film out this week, but it’s a big one!

FILMCLUB Film of The Week: John Carter (2012, 12)


Director: Andrew Stanton

Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, Willem Dafoe, Lynn Collins

The writer of Pixar animations (Toy Story, Finding Nemo) turns his hands to a movie with real actors in for this huge sci-fi adventure.

We are taken back to the 1800s, American Civil War hero John Carter is mysteriously transported to Mars. He wakes up to find that the planet is in the middle of a huge war which could destroy everything and everyone on it. Finding he has super strength, John becomes involved in the planet’s battles and realizes that he is the man from Earth that can save Mars.

The film is based on a series of books and is and this is an awesomely action-packed movie. But the environmental message is a little heavy handed at times with more emphasis on the big effects and enormous fight scenes. However, if you like sci-fi you are likely to love this!

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Here’s the trailer:


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