Film of the Week: This Means War

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First up is our Film of the Week:

FILMCLUB Film of The Week: This Means War (2012, 12)


Director: McG

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy

The rom-com and the spy thriller blend in this funny film about two high-level spies, the loudmouthed FDR (Chris Pine) and his quieter counterpart Tuck (Tom Hardy).

Even though they’re best friends, macho rivalry kicks off when they find out they are dating the same girl, the smart and beautiful but undecided Laura, who has no idea they are CIA agents or that they know each other.

Deciding to compete for her affections, they employ every professional trick at their fingertips, from surveillance to high-tech gadgets, to track their progress and jeopardise each other’s chances, building to a flashy, far-fetched finale.

Although this film may not be quite the award-winning films we’ve all been chatting about recently, it’s still avery funny, light-hearted film – perfect for families to enjoy on a weekend afternoon!

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Here’s the trailer:


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