Gone with the Wind – Classic DVD Review

Each week FILMCLUB will be bringing you two reviews – a new DVD release and one of the classics that feature on the charity’s 4,000 strong catalogue.

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Below you can read the review of the classic film Gone with the Wind by FILMCLUB member Rhea Cocks-Rye aged 14 from Colchester County High School for Girls Film Club, Colchester.

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This is a triumph in cinematic history.

For its age (over 70 years old), it is amazing. It is the film that every other tries to emulate, but instead becomes a group of cliches.

The storyline is flawless, if a bit confusing. At almost four hours long, and being watched over two weeks, it was going to be. Oh,well. It was a nice way to start the holidays.

There were a few issues,though. The length can be hard to stand, and it can also be slow. The characters can be hard to like, with the herione being selfish pretty much all the way through, and her romantic interest basically a male version of her.

Some characters were too perfect, and others too horrible. And nothing good happened to anyone. But that, in some ways, made it interesting.

There was twists and turns, deaths, marriages, you name it, was probably in it. And the characters had some redeeming qualities, like the female lead being very persevering and the male lead being comical.

All in all, it was an interesting film, though the length would be a bit much for some.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Gone With The Wind (PG) is out now on DVD and blu-ray

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