Gulliver’s Travels – The FILMCLUB Review!

gulliver's-travelsFILMCLUB member and Young Ambassador Dorothy (age 10) went to the press conference of Gulliver’s Travels for us, where she caught up with the fim’s stars – Billy Connolly and Emily Blunt – and director Rob Letterman.

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And on top of that she got to see the film too!

We have to admit the film looked pretty amazing in all the trailers we saw, but did the new Jack Black film live up to expectations?

Here’s Dorothy’s review!

“Outstanding film in fabulous 3D!

gullivers-travelsA modern take on the 284 year old traditional tale ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift. Lemuel Gulliver (played by Jack Black) is a mail-room clerk who thinks of himself as a small person in a big world. But when he ends up washed up on the hidden island Lilliput and meets the VERY tiny residents he discovers he’s not so small anymore.

I thought the film was amazing because although it was made for 3D it still had a brilliant story to it, unlike some films.

img-100605-gullivers-travels-120_164929598476My favourite characters are Gulliver and General Edward who is played by Chris O’Dowd.
I like Gulliver because he’s really funny – as you may have guessed and I like General Edward because he was a FAB baddie!

My favorite bits in the film are the tidal wave scene, the scene where Gulliver tells the Lilliputians (the little people) his entire life story and the bit where he transforms the town into Piccadilly Circus.

I loved the Tidal wave scene because with the 3D features it’s like the water’s splashing all around you, like wow!”


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