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John Carter comes onto the big screen this week – an action-packed blockbuster that follows the adventures of an American Civil War veteran who ends up in a whole different on the planet Mars!

Here’s what FILMCLUB member Josh Etheridge, age 14, thought:


Taylor-Kitsch-in-John-Carter-2012-Movie-Image-600x399Reece, aged 14: “John Carter is a fine (but very rebellious) Virginian military Cavalryman around the turn of the 20th century (well, that’s when he is on earth!) who manages to accidently transport himself to the planet Barsoom (which is what you and me would know as to be Mars).

After he has arrived on Barsoom and re-orientated himself, John finds that he has the ability to jump to great heights, and that he now has a great strength because of the lower gravity. After stumbling and bouncing around the dusty mars surface for a while, he is discovered by 12-foot tall, 4 armed green barbarians. Because of his great jumping ability and strength, the barbarians want John to fight for them but he refuses!

Lynn-Collins-and-Taylor-Kitsch-in-John-Carter-2012-Movie-Image-6-600x400Throughout the rest of the film, Carter is asked to fight again. He is attacked and punished. He also falls in love with the beautiful princess of Barsoom (who like all good princesses in stories desperately needs saving!).

Towards the end of the film it’s up, down, up, down (a bit like a rollercoaster) and you don’t have a clue whether it will be a happy ending or not (but I’m not going to tell you, it would ruin the surprise!)

The film has a great mix of acting and CGI and I think that they worked together really well. To improve on this film, I would’ve liked to see it spend a bit more time letting us get to know a few other characters in greater depth but there really was no major flaw here!

John Carter is a really fast, exciting film which I suggest you go and see (comes out 9th March 2012) whether you think you might be into that type of stuff or not, just go and give it a go!”

Rating: 4 out of 5


John Carter is out in cinemas across the UK now – click here to find out more and watch the trailer


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