Kids Film Review: Johnny English Reborn

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Below you can read the review of the new film Johnny English Reborn by FILMCLUB member Morium Ahmed aged 12.

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johnny-english-reborn4Johnny English is a secret agent that is trying to make up for his mistake that he was responsible for in Mozambique. The story line of the film was very unpredictable which is what made it even more entertaining.

The beginning of the film was very interesting; I didn’t want to take my eyes off the screen- even for a second!

johnny-english-reborn3My favourite part of the film was when Johnny English began to dance while he was under the mind control of Simon Ambrose (Dominic West). The reason this is my favourite part of the film is because it was very amusing and it made me laugh.

Johnny English is a loveable character that any person would absolutely adore! Tucker is a typical sidekick that is the icing on the cake, this double act goes together like peaches and cream, which is what, makes the film even better!

johnny-english-reborn-posterDirected by Oliver Parker, who also directed St.Trinian’s, this film was full of action packed scenes like the scene where Johnny English is in a serious meeting and his chair has a malfunction and he almost ends up under the table! I like this scene because it shows how silly Johnny English can be and his silliness runs throughout the film!

Overall I would give this film 4 out of 5 stars, the reason being that I think that the first Johnny English film was better than this one.

This film was amazingly funny and a lot better than I originally expected but the first film (in my opinion) was actually better.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Johnny English Reborn (2011, PG) is out now.


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