Kids Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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Below you can read the review of new DVD release Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides by FILMCLUB member Kate Maitland-Gleed aged 13.

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pirates-jack-characterThis long awaited 4th film has finally arrived, and even if you’re not a Johnny Depp fan, glamour and intrigue are woven through this production in the shape of Penelope Cruz who plays Angelica, a brilliant match to Jack Sparrow’s cunning. Starting off in a cleverly reproduced Georgian London, there is a rousing sound track throughout, and with the flash of swords and gold teeth everywhere, Depp and Cruz constantly try to outsmart each other whilst a smoldering chemistry exists between them.

With cameo’s from Dame Judi Dench, Richard Griffiths and Keith Richards, the humour is always present, although I would say less than parts 1 and 2 – but better than number 3. However you don’t need to have seen 1, 2 and 3 to make sense of this one. Ian McShane relishes his bad reputation as Blackbeard and is driven by a prophecy of his own death to find the Fountain of Youth aboard his awesome flame-throwing ship.

jack-pirates-boatGeoffrey Rush is back, but there is a change of persona that finds Barbossa as an ageing, one-legged Privateer working for his King and country, when he becomes thrown together with Jack Sparrow once more.

Then there’s Gibbs – Sparrow’s main man who is the only remaining Black Pearl Crew member in this film (apart from the monkey!) who weaves in and out of the storyline with some surprises along the way.

jack-dragged-piratesI personally feel that the introduction of Sam Claflin as Philip doesn’t really fill the hole left by Orlando Bloom, although he tries really hard with lots of soulful looks as he attempts to help Syreena, a mermaid played by the lovely Astrid Berges-Frisbey, who along with her mermaid friends, has a rather bizarre twist in the tale!

Having had the privilege of talking to many of the cast members at the UK Premiere, their enthusiasm showed me that this franchise is still fresh, although if I’m honest (and I’m sure executive producer John Delucca wouldn’t agree with me!), the 3D element didn’t actually enhance my enjoyment of the film as much as I had hoped, although there were several good effects from it. So if you’re not a 3D fan, I would say that your film experience would not be less enjoyable in 2D.

Although this film has already received mixed reviews, I must say that overall I enjoyed it and would happily recommend that you go and see it and decide for yourself.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pirates Of The Caribbean – On Stranger Tides (2011, 12A) is out now on DVD. Click here to buy your copy

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