Kids Film Review: The Artist


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The Artist is out on DVD this week, the Oscar-winning film that is silent as well as black and white!

This may not sound like your first choice to settle down to on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn, but check our reviews by FILMCLUB members to find out why you definitely should!


the-artist-460x307Davey, age 10, said; β€œThis movie is about a man who still wants to do silent movies. Like Singing In The Rain with Gene Kelly, a brilliant rom-com – a half talkie and half silent. My favourite guy was the dog. 5 out of 5!”

Anastasia, age 8, said; β€œThe Artist was a SPECTACULAR film I’d definitely watch it again! Because I want to be a Director I saw how they make films in the film itself!!

Even though it’s a silent movie, the music made me feel how they felt. I would definitely give it 5 Stars!”

Jeremy, age 10, said; β€œThis film in my opinion is a sensational film.Β  This film from 2012 was emotional heart breaking, charming witty but above all fun. Though it is silent it carries all the charm of greats such as ”The Sound of Music” or ” Calamity Jane”.I personally do not think it would be 5 stars from me if it was not silent.

I think it is one of the best films I have and will ever see! The actors were perfect the characters were perfect the setting was perfect the music was perfect and the film was perfect.”


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