Kids Film Review: The Lorax


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The Lorax is out in cinemas and is shaping up to be one of summer’s biggest films! The animated adventure tells the tale of a grumpy yet charming forest creature who fights to protect his world.

See what 10-year-old FILMCLUB member Erin thought of it!

“The Lorax is a film about courage and love. Ted is an ordinary boy who has one true love – Audrey. Ted embarks on an amazing adventure to try and find Audrey the last Truffula Tree seed.

The Once-ler is a loner who double-crossed the Lorax after he had given him the last Truffula seed; the Once-ler then chopped all the trees down but kept the precious seed. The film follows Ted’s adventure as he tries to give Audrey her own tree.

The animation was brilliant with bright colourful characters and backgrounds, while the actors voiceovers were energetic and matched their characters.

I would recommend this film to children who enjoy animated funny films that also have an important environmental message.”

5 stars out of 5

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