Kids Film Review: Water for Elephants

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Below you can read the review of new DVD release Water for Elephants by FILMCLUB member Josh Etheridge aged 13 from Nottingham.

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Water-for-Elephants-movie-posterWater for Elephants is mainly based on a travelling circus in the great depression in America. The circus is struggling to stay alive.

Jacob, who is from Poland, jumps onto the train of the travelling circus and before we know it he is the circus vet.

August the circus ringmaster buys a new star act which is an elephant called Rosie. No-one can train this elephant except from Jacob who discovers that the elephant understands Polish.

Water-for-ElephantsBecause of the elephant Jacob falls in love with Marlena the lady who performs on the elephant, who is also the bosses wife.

The rest of the film sees a mixture of hope, love, violence and tragedy.

This is a great film, which would appeal to a wide range of age groups so I really recommend that you watch it!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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