Kids Review: The Red Balloon

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Below you can read the review of The Red Balloon by FILMCLUB member Max aged 14 from Kidbrooke School in Greenwich.

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The-Red-Balloon-1956At a glance this film may not seem like much, with a total run time of just 34 minutes, hardly any dialogue and a plot that just looks like a boy chasing after a balloon for a while, but actually this 50’s children’s classic goes much deeper than that.

The basic plot of the film is that a young boy finds a balloon one day and spends most of the film with it, it becoming a friend to the boy. But a group of older boys have a different idea, and try to destroy the balloon, with no thought to the poor young chap’s feelings.

The very rationed use of dialogue in this film is one of the most obvious points about it, and it is done extremely well. You hardly notice the lack of speech, and you know a story is going well when you don’t need speaking to explain anything.

red-balloon-movieBut for me, the most poignant part is the ending. Without giving too much away, it is a tremendous finish to a lovely film, and one that really warms your heart.

So although The Red Balloon may be starting to show it’s age after 55 years, it will still bring you back to your early childhood and fill your heart with joy, a must watch classic.

The Red Balloon (U) is out now on DVD. Buy it here

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