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Below you can read the review of the brand new DVD Megamind by FILMCLUB member Nicholas Coulter aged 7 from James Wolfe Primary School in London.

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watch-megamind-onlineHe’s bad! He’s brilliant! Who? Megamind, of course!

Megamind (the voice of Will Ferrell) has battled Metro Man (the voice of Brad Pitt) since they were both babies. Megamind is bad, but Metro Man is very, very good.

Metro Man would win some, Megamind would only just lose some, but every time Megamind lost, he went behind bars to prison. Finally, Metro Man loses a battle and Megamind gains control of Metro City. This makes Megamind very happy.

megamind-will-ferrell-tina-feyIf the gadgets that Megamind made existed, they would definitely be on The Gadget Show! He is very clever and he has a big brain, which is why he called himself Megamind.

But Megamind soon realises he needs someone to fight, so he creates a new superhero – Titan (the voice of Jonah Hill). Megamind has a sidekick called Minion (the voice of David Cross) who was his friend and helped him with everything. But the training of Titan does not go according to plan.

megamind3The story was very similar to Despicable Me, but I thought Megamind was good because it was very funny. It was funny when Megamind sends a text and says, β€œLOLβ€”smiley face.”

The animation was good, but could have been improved. It would be a good film for families to see together because everyone would laugh.

I would give Megamind four stars. It lost a star because I’ve seen better films and I go to films a lot, so it is a hard competition.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Megamind (PG) is released on DVD April 4th 2011

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