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tron-legacy-best-posterThis past week it’s been Safer Internet Week, and with techno wizardry dominating the big screen in films like Oscar nominee The Social Network, and blockbuster hit Tron, education charity FILMCLUB felt it a good time to celebrate a week of safe surfing (of the technological kind) through their film Season of the Week.

FILMCLUB have chosen some of the very best current and classic films to feature computer whizz-kids and gadgetry – and with A-list stars queuing up to play computer hotshots, it certainly seems that the days of computer nerds are in the past.

The Social NetworkThis is certainly the case with current awards favourite The Social Network.

This film tells the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the many trials and issues he faced while setting up the massive social network Facebook.

neo.matrixAnother film to feature on the list, The Matrix, is argued by many as the defining moment in which the world of computers officially became cool.

Starring Keanu Reeves, our leather-clad hero is shown fighting against machines which, unbeknown to the world’s population, have created a computerized alternate universe in which they live – heavy stuff!

catfish-movieAnother much buzzed-about film, Catfish, will have you thinking more carefully about who you speak to when you next log in. Following the success of social network films, this film highlights the fact that no-matter what your age, the internet can easily deceive you.

Some other fantastic films Ben X, American Teen, Ghost in a Shell, Tormented and Existenx all follow a similar theme highlighting the darker side of surfing the net.

Why not use one of these films to kick-start discussion about safe internet use and cyber-bullying in your class? To get more information on Safe Internet Day see for more info.

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