Watch our interview with the stars of The Three Musketeers


As the new The Three Musketeers adventure swashbuckles its way into cinemas, two young film reviewers from our friends at FILMCLUB went to interview the stars and director of the film about making the new movie!

Sisters Rebecca (14) and Laura (12) McAuley from The Boswells School in Essex interviewed Orlando Bloom, Mila Jovovich, Logan Lerman, Matthew MacFayden, Ray Stevenson and director Paul WS Anderson about their roles in the latest screen adaptation of the classic tale.

The girls quizzed them about bringing the famous tale set in 1700s France back to the big screen, about performing their own stunts and what it was like wearing the 17th Century costumes – Orlando Bloom told them about some of the perils: โ€œWell, there was a lot of tottering around on heels and a couple of trips and falls which was quite funny!โ€

Check out what else they had to say below!


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