Watch something funny for money!

kids t-shirt (group)This Friday it’s Red Nose Day – for the past few weeks we’ve been giving you fun ways you can get involved and another popular one is to put on a funny film for money!

All you need is a hall, screen and funny film and then you can get your schoolmates in for a great event and also collect some money in the process.

And to help you out the FILMCLUB experts have selected their top funny films to hit big screens – and from Primary to 6th Form, classic to modren, there’s something for everyone.

Some Like it HotCatch Marilyn Monroe as the sweet singer Sugar Kowalczyk in Some Like It Hot.

In this ’50s comedy a couple of musicians are forced on the run, after accidentally witnessing the St Valentine’s Day Massacre. Cross-dressing as women – as a way to escape the gangsters after them – Hollywood legends Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis have never been better in this comedy classic!

duck-soup-sceneAnother timeless feature on the list is Duck Soup – a film that throws all trace of reason and logic aside.

This fun frolic is a perfect choice for young viewers’ first black and white feature, and stars the much-loved 30s comics the Marx Brothers.

dodgeball-matrix-ibm-patentFor a more recent comedy look no further than the silly yet entertaining film Dodgeball.

With popular funnymen Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn as rival gym owners competing at a Dodgeball championship, this is a perfect comedy to get you in the mood for Comic Relief antics this week.



Duck Soup (1933, U)

Groundhog Day (1933, PG)

Some Like It Hot (1959, U)

This Is Spinal Tap (1984, 15)

Laurel and Hardy – Way Out West (1937, U)

Dodgeball (2004, 12)

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