Dinosaurs Creator in The Club!


dvd-packshot-march-dinosaursLast week we were telling you about an interesting new DVD for all you dinosaur fans called March of the Dinosaurs.

Narrated by Stephen Fry and based on the very latest scientific discoveries, March of the Dinosaurs takes you on a prehistoric adventure 70 million years ago.

You follow a young Edmontosaurus, called Scar, as he faces a deadly challenge: a 1,000 mile migration to escape the arrival of a four-month arctic winter of continuous night.

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We wanted to find out how you go about making a film like that, so got our hands on a couple of the producers of the film.

They joined Sam in The Club to talk about how they made it and what exactly a producer does.

If you missed it, you can listen again right here:

[audio:March-of-the-Dinos.mp3|titles=March of the Dinosaurs]

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