Fun Kids visits Robotville

final_robot9Here at Fun Kids we’re very proud of our Breakfast presenter, Robot. So when we heard about a whole exhibit of robots we thought we should check out the opposition!

Last week the Robotville Festival arrived at the Science Museum, celebrating the most cutting-edge robots.

There were over 20 unique robots, many of which have just come out of European research labs!

These included domestic robots, expressive robots, swarming robots, swimming robots, exploring robots, humanoid robots, learning robots and more.

EccerobotOur personal favourite was Eccerobot. If you take a peek in its insides, you’d find they are similar to your own.

With a soft body based on human bones, joints and muscles, Eccerobot can move like we do, pick up a ball or give you a hug without crushing you!

To find out more about the festival, make sure you listen to The Club with Luke this Wednesday from 4pm!

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