Stars of Lemonade Mouth in The Club


At last the new Disney movie Lemonade Mouth is here. And if you like High School Music or Camp Rock then you should love this just like us!

lemonademouthcover041111Lemonade Mouth is all about five high school students who form a band when they meet in detention, helping them stand up for their beliefs and get through their own struggles and those as a group.

Lemonade Mouth has already become huge in the US – becoming the number 1 US Cable Movie in 2011 and number 1 soudntrack on iTunes – so we’re expecting big things!

The other week we brought you the first official trailer, and to tell you even more about what you can expect, we caught up with the stars of the film.

If you missed their interview with Luke in The Club, don’t worry because you can watch it right here!

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