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Discover your local heritage and become a Heritage Hero!

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Top 10 Tips to Become a Heritage Hero!

We’re looking for Heritage Heroes, could you be one? 

Wherever you live, there’s treasure to be discovered! 

Not just gold and gems, but stories of buildings, locations and people. 

Our heritage is a great wealth… and it’s all around us. 

Sometimes standing proud in the open air, sometimes hidden behind some bushes. 

And to help find it, we’re looking for Heritage Heroes – could you be one? 

1. Look for clues.

By looking for clues, we can find out more about the history of these areas and our own heritage too.

Even just looking out your widnow, going to your local shop or on your journey to school can reveal interesting clues to your local area.

Keep an eye out for unusual transport, historical buildings, statues or objects used in different careers.

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2. Go on a walk around your neighbourhood.

Walking around your local area is a great way to explore with heritage in mind.

Is there a public footpath or cycle route that you can follow?

Take a notebook or a camera to document where you visit.

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3. Draw your own map.

Have a go at drawing your own map of the place you visited!

You can sketch the historical buildings, statues or views you see!

Why not invent your own code like the Ordinance Survey maps, or use symbols to represent the local area?

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4. Link it back to your own family.

Ask your family about their link to your local area!

Where they born there?

Did they move there?

Have they set up a business there?

You never know, your family could have been significant people in the local area!

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5. Take care of the heritage around you.

Make sure to leave no trace as you explore!

Always be careful and follow the guidelines of the area that you’re in!

Also make sure you don’t take some of the heritage home with you! Many places have rules against taking shells from shorelines, objects from parks or other bits and bobs away!

We should always look after the heritage around us, so that it can last for years to come.

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6. Present it to others.

Share what you found!

From writing things down or recording some audio, to making a sketch or taking a photograph, you should use these findings to share with others!

Be proud of your local heritage! You might inspire others to do the same.

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7. Ask those in your community.

There will be experts that you can ask questions to in most, museums and galleries.

Why not ask them some questions about artefacts you find? They might have stories about the area that you’ve never heard of before!

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8. Visit heritage sites.

There are designated heritage sites across the country that are full of interesting and exciting things to explore!

Why not check out this website to find out more?

9. Research online.

There are tonnes of websites that you can use to explore even more about your local heritage.

Why not have a look at some of the topics here and delve into the websites at the bottom of the pages!

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10. Send us a voice note!

We want to hear from you!

Tell us all about your local heritage!

Send us your voice message and you might be featured on Fun Kids!

Get involved here!

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Discover your local heritage and become a Heritage Hero!

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Heritage Heroes

Discover your local heritage and become a Heritage Hero!

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