Sir Sidney McSprocket’s Inspiring Inventions


The Year:  1899, Victorian England.

The place: Sir Sidney McSprocket’s Workshop, Edinburgh, Great Britain.

The time: Just before elevenses.McSprocket-3

Oh hello!  Come in!  Sit yourself down – I’m just putting the finishing touches to another of my brilliant new inventions.  Just adjusting the tension on the fly wheel…  Och, now that wasn’t supposed to happen…  Anyway, not to worry, I’ll sort it all out later.  Welcome to my Inspiring Inventions webpage!

Listen below to Sir Sidney McSprocket’s Inspiring Inventions!

McSprocket-2You’ll be able to find out lots more about the amazing inventions that I will be exploring.  Oh… and the inventors behind them.

For example did you know that those useful batteries that power your toys were first invented by Thomas Edison back in 1901!

Everything from the steam engine to computers and waterproof clothing – which is often very useful when you’re up here in Edinburgh.

What’s that noise?  Ahhh, its just a rumbly in my tumbly!  All this typing has made me hungry!  Time for a tea cake.

Tutty bye for now….



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