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Everything you need to know about chemical engineers!

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We know what you’re thinking! Iengineers make stuff – and come up with inventions – is there an engineering job where you could invent new types of chocolate?

The simple answer is YES! They’re called Chemical Engineers.

Think about it! Everything’s made of chemicals – and if you know how to change and combine chemicals, you can make all sorts of new substances.

Chemical engineers design and develop all sorts of products from food and drink to toiletries and medicines. If a chemical engineer works for a food company, they might be making new flavours.

Or if they work for a company that makes toiletries or cleaning products, perhaps they’ll be making a biodegradable type of soap that causes less harm to the environment.

In fact, the number of jobs that chemical engineers do is almost as varied as the amount of chemicals we use!

New medicines. New types of plastics – perhaps made from recycled bottles. High tech materials – to help make cars, planes and even rockets lighter and faster.

Whilst a lot of chemical engineers work is in laboratories, some will work with computers and IT to analyse the results of experiments.

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Ever wondered how things work? Ask Techno Mum!

More From Techno Mum