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Everything you need to know about electrical engineers!

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Everyone in Tim’s class at school is mad about fitness trackers. His measures my temperature, heart rate, the distance he’s walked and even counts how many steps he takes.

You wear most fitness trackers, either on your arm or your hip, or across your chest if it’s to track breathing or your heart rate.

But what if you could put a fitness tracker inside you – like an implant? It could take all sorts of measurements about your health. Kind of like a robot brain, keeping an eye on things.

That might be the job of an electronic engineer!

Electrical engineers understand how electricity behaves.

Electronic Engineering is about putting that electricity to work inside machinery – using circuits and components.

If you think about all the different kind of things that are powered by electricity or have circuit boards, you’ll begin to see that this type of engineering could take you in a huge amount of directions…

At a pop concert, electronics inside the guitars, keyboards and microphones will be carrying the music to the speakers – and they’ll have circuit boards to carry out the job of making it nice and loud!

Just about any type of vehicle you can think of – cars, buses, trains, planes, boats and even rockets – anything which has an electrical power source – will have been designed with the help of electronic and electrical engineers, all designing the circuits to deliver the power to where it’s needed.

That’s right! Electricity behaves in a very particular way depending on what materials it’s in contact with.

It’s also affected by things like magnets. Electrical and electronic engineers have to a good knowledge of these things.

And circuits use common components which electronic engineers will use as building blocks on the circuit boards. Much of the work is planned on computers, but building circuit boards will be done by machines – or by hand using soldering irons.

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Ever wondered how things work? Ask Techno Mum!

More From Techno Mum