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Top 10 Facts About Bike Safety!

Here are the Top 10 Bike Safety Facts to keep you safe while cycling!

Bicycle safety is an important issue to consider, especially with the increase in bike riders on the roads. Everyone should be aware of the basic safety rules and tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, it’s important to understand and follow the guidelines for bike safety. We’ll cover the Top 10 Facts about bike safety to help keep you and others safe while riding.

1. Wear a properly-fitted helmet

Wearing a properly fitted helmet is the best way to prevent a head injury if you do fall off your bike.

man and woman riding road bikes at the road near shore

2. Make sure you a wearing your helmet properly

Always wear your helmet the right way, make sure it covers your forehead and don’t let it slip back. Remember to always fasten the straps.

3. Always ride your bike with a responsible adult

You should always ride your bike with a responsible adult present who can look after you. As you get older it may be that your parent or gaurdian will let you cycle without them, if this is the case always check with them first.

4. Wear bright colours and reflective strips so cars can see you

Remember to be safe you need to be seen by cars.

5. Avoid riding in the dark

Riding in the dark can be dangerous and if you can should be avoided. If however you are cycling in the dark then make sure you have lights so cars and pedestrians can see you.

6. Get a new helmet if you fall while you’re on your bike and hit your head

If you do hit your head while cycling and your helmet protects you then you need to replace it as it may have been damaged while protecting you.

7. Replace your helmet every 5 years

A cycling helmet is normally good for 5 years, after that, you will want to replace your bike helmet. This is because the polystyrene foam that protects you degrades over time, mainly as a result of being exposed to sunlight.

8. Ride a bike that is the right size so you can can cycle confidently

To check the size of your bicycle is right stand straddling the top bar of your bike so that both feet are flat on the ground.There should be 2.5 to 7.6 centimetres of space between you and the top bar.

girl in pink jacket riding bicycle during daytime

9. Check your brakes to be sure they work well

Check your brakes work every time you set off on your bike. They will help you stop for traffic, emergencies and make sure you are in control of the bike.

10. Check and oil your chain regularly

Keeping your bike in top condition is a great way to be safe as it means things are less likely to go wrong and cause you to lose control while cycling.

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Top 10 Facts

From the Tudors to rocks to fish, we have all the best facts right here!

More From Top 10 Facts