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Who was Duchess Nina Douglas-Hamilton? And how did she care for animals during World War II?

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Duchess Nina Douglas-Hamilton dedicated herself to the welfare of animals throughout her life.

During World War II, she played a vital role in looking after animals and ensuring they were taken care of, despite the many challenges and difficulties of the war.

As the war broke out, the government issued orders for the mass killing of livestock to prevent them from being captured or destroyed by the enemy.

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Duchess Nina was appalled by this policy. She launched a campaign to save as many animals as possible, and soon became known as the “animal angel” for her efforts.

Duchess Nina worked with local farmers and animal owners to relocate animals to safer areas, such as the Scottish Highlands.

She also established a network of volunteers who helped to care for animals during the war.

She organised feeding programs, veterinary care, and transportation, ensuring that animals were well looked after even during the most difficult times.

One of the most challenging aspects of her work was the shortage of food during the war.

Duchess Nina worked to find ways to feed animals, even in the face of rationing and shortages. She established a vegetable garden and used food scraps to create nutritious meals for animals. She also reached out to the public for donations of food and supplies, and was able to secure enough resources to keep animals healthy and fed.

In addition to her work with domestic animals, Duchess Nina was also a strong advocate for wildlife conservation.

She established a sanctuary for wild animals in the grounds of her estate in Scotland, where she provided a safe haven for deer, foxes, and other animals that were threatened by the war.

She also worked with local conservation groups to protect natural habitats and raise awareness of the importance of preserving wildlife.

Duchess Nina’s work during World War II was not without its risks.

She frequently put herself in danger to save animals, often driving through dangerous areas and navigating difficult terrain.

She also faced criticism and opposition from some quarters, who saw her efforts as a distraction from the war effort. However, she remained undaunted and continued to work tirelessly for the welfare of animals.

After the war, Duchess Nina’s work was recognized by the government and she was awarded the MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for her services to animal welfare.

She continued to work for animal rights and conservation throughout her life, and was a well-respected figure in the animal welfare community.

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