Ga Ga Theatre’s Rachael and Katie chat to Dan their adaptation of Quentin Blake’s Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave!

Rachael and Katie also turn one of Dan's boring life stories into a play!

Rachael and Katie from Ga Ga Theatre Company popped in to see Dan this week!

They’ve adapted Quentin Blake’s book Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave and you can see it in theatres all across London!

It’s a funny book about friendship, helping others, and how to stay positive!

Mrs Armitage and her pet dog Breakspear want to paddle out to sea and catch a big wave but Mrs Armitage doesn’t think her surfboard is up to the job.

Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave 27 October 2016 (Festival of Film) Image (c) Quentin Blake 1999 (from 'Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave', publ. Red Fox)

So she sets off across the ocean fetching gadgets, contraptions and other enhancements for her board!

As well as spilling the beans on how the play came about, Rachael and Katie also helped Dan to make one of his boring life stories into an exciting play!

See how they got on and make sure to grab your tickets to the show!

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