The genie from CBBC’s Jamillah and Aladdin chats to Dan!

Leroy Osei-Bonsu has all the gossip on the show!

Jamillah and Aladdin is back for a second series and Leroy Osei-Bonsu popped by the Fun Kids studio to give Dan the lowdown!

If you’ve not caught the show before, it’s all about a young girl who finds a dusty old lamp in the attic of her her family home.

A magical genie that lives in the lamp then transports her to an ancient world filled with adventure.

In their chat, Dan finds out some gossip about the show, what wishes Leroy would want to grant and would definitely not grant and more!

You can catch up with their chat by hitting play above!

Jamillah and Aladdin is on CBBC every day at 9am or you can catch up on the BBC iplayer!

Watch the trailer for series two…

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