Is Fun Kids radio on FM?

Fun Kids isn't on FM but you can get us on DAB digital radio around the UK

No, you can’t listen to Fun Kids on FM because it isn’t an FM radio station but if you have a modern DAB Digital Radio for your home – or you have a DAB Digital Radio as standard in your car – you should have no trouble picking us up!

First, press ‘Autotune/Autoscan’ on your digital radio (normally holding this button down for 10 seconds makes the radio scan for everything). 

You should then see us in the alphabetical list as Fun Kids.

In some in-car digital radios you often have to tune by multiplex (bundles of stations).

Remember to save us to a preset so we’re easier to find next time!

If you can see our name on your radio but can’t hear any audio, that sadly means that your radio isn’t a modern DAB+ capable one – and you won’t be able to pick us up.

Click here to find out more about Digital Radio!

If you’re struggling to find us, it might be that your radio isn’t DAB+ compatible or that you’re not in range of a Fun Kids transmitter.

If that’s the case, you can either get a new DAB+ compatible radio, or tune in via loads of other ways.

You could get a new fancy smart speaker that can listen to the radio as well as play music from other services, schedule appointments, and more.

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