7 reasons you should check out Splatoon!

It's basically paintball without all the mess.


Hit the ground gunning

Use a range of weapons to cover the ground in your team’s ink, and claim it as your turf. The team with the most turf wins!


Be a real whiz squid

Transform to a squid to swiftly swim through your team’s ink. Use these talents to scale walls coated in your colours to reach high-up vantage points, lie in wait for unsuspecting players, or cook up devious strategies of your own!


Spray your part

Your opponents in Turf Wars will be other players from all over the world, but you can play with friends too. It’s an international, communal sport!


Show your splatting skills to up your rank!

Once you’ve reached level 10, you can take part in Ranked Battles. Earn a rank based on your wins and losses in a variety of match types!


Splat Zones

Hold zones on the map for as long as possible by covering them entirely in ink. Whichever team has held the zone the longest when the time runs out is declared the winner!


Tower Control

Compete to control a moveable tower by coating it in your colour. When the tower is under your control, it’ll move towards the opposing team’s base. The first team to get the tower to their opponents’ base wins!



Snatch up the Rainmaker and make your way to the enemy’s base to win! While you’re carrying the Rainmaker you’ll move more slowly, but you can fire off powerful shots to keep your opponents at bay!

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