Check out the brand new Robinson Crusoe film!

It's the Robinson Crusoe story like you've never seen it before!

tuesdayIf you’re looking for a great movie to watch at the cinema this weekend with your family, check out Robinson Crusoe! It’s hitting cinemas on the 6th May AND there are previews this Bank Holiday weekend. Click here to find out more!

You might have heard this story before, but this time, it’s from a different side! Meet Tuesday – he’s a friendly parrot who lives on a tiny island with his animal pals in paradise. But Tuesday’s a bit of a curious parrot! He’d LOVE to get off the island to discover the world. Well, that time comes a bit sooner than he thinks, because, after a huge storm, a weird creature washes up on the beach. The weird creature is actually a man called Robinson Crusoe, and Tuesday thinks he can help him explore the world!

Crusoe realises that to survive on the island, he needs help from Tuesday and the other animals – not easy, because the animals don’t speak “human”! Slowly, they all start living altogether peacefully, until two savage cats turn up on the island and want to take control. Crusoe and his animal friends need to save their island before it’s too late!

Robinson Crusoe is out in cinemas in 3D on the 6th May, with Bank Holiday Previews on the 30th April to the 2nd May. Click here to find out more!

Watch the trailer below!


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