Check out the Kurio Watch 2.0, the ultimate smart watch for kids!

It's jam-packed with awesome features!

The brand-newΒ Kurio Watch 2.0Β is a must-have piece of back-to-school tech!

You might be familiar with smart watches, gear that you can wear and that does loads of awesome stuff.

The Kurio Smart Watch does everything you could want! It can take pictures and add filters, record videos, text, play music and videos and loads more…

You could take it on holiday to translate key phrases and even use it as an activity tracker.

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As if that wasn’t enough, you can connect two Kurio watches to play Pirate Ship Battle or Tic Tac Toe and message other Kurio watches.

Of course, you can also use it as a normal timekeeper! The Kurio Watch will help you tell the time and set alarms.

Click here to get the Kurio Smart Watch!

Kurio. Go Play!

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