Check out the Maya the Bee movie!

Get ready for an Un-BEE-lievable adventure!

Maya the Bee is out on DVD on the 8th February!

Maya the Bee Pack ShotIf you love watching movies packed with fun and adventure, you’ll love this new movie. It’s called Maya the Bee and it’s out on the 8th February on DVD and digital download!

Maya is a little bee who’s ready to leave her hive in search of a big adventure in the meadow. Maya wants to know everything about the world, but she’s stuck in the boring hive.

The trouble starts when the queen bee’s evil advisor gets really greedy and puts the hive in danger! Maya steps up to save the hive with her friend, Willy,Β as well as trying to end the war between the hornets and the bees!Β Let’s hope she can save the day!

Maya the Bee is out on DVD and digital download on the 8th February. Click here to find out more!

Watch the trailer below!