Explore space, the african savanna and cities all over the world with View-Master!

Get ready to explore worlds from your very home!

If you’ve always wanted to explore the world, see wild animals on a safari, and jet off into space, then we have some really exciting news for you! Here at Fun Kids we’ve been checking out a new virtual-reality toy that lets you do just that all from your own home! It’s called View-Master and it’s out right now. Click here to find out more!

With the Virtual Reality Starter Pack, all you need to do is download one of the free, easy-to-use View-Master apps, pop your phone into the viewer and look at the preview reel in front of you. A menu will pop up, and all you need to do is pick the world you want to explore, click the lever and away you go!

Wherever you look, there’s something cool and exciting to explore in 360-degrees, from wild animals to epic buildings. Check out all of the experience packs you can get below at £7.99 each!

Get ready to explore world famous landmarks without leaving your house! With the Destinations View-Master Experience Pack, you can visit three world famous cities virtually. Climb the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York, discover the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza in Mexico, and take a tour of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge!


Explore the wild with The National Geographic: Wildlife View-Master Experience Pack! Go on safari in three of the world’s most famous wildlife spots! Search for kangaroos and koalas in the Australian outback, sloths and jaguars in the Amazon, and lions on the African savanna!


Check out the planets in our solar-system and more with the Space View-Master Experience Pack takes you on a virtual trip that is out of this world! Explore our solar system and check out the planets up close, see famous spacecraft in detail or experience the night sky in a whole new way!


The new View-Master is out right now. Click here to find out more!

Check out the video below!

View-Master is £22.99 RRP and is perfect if you’re 6+ years. Click here to find out more!

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