Check out Molly Maybe by Kristina Stephenson!

A brilliant new creation from the bestselling author illustrator!

MM and MMFinal

Molly Maybe is a feisty new character from Kristina Stephenson.

She loves an adventure and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty the process!

In fact, Molly Maybe has quite a marvelous secret… She and her dog sidekick, Waggy Burns, are the only ones who can travel to an amazing monster world!

In the first book they ride together in the incredible mundervator machine and solve mysteries and crisis in Undermunder.

In Molly Maybe and the Ghost Train, there’s a terrible smell in Smallsbury but Molly knows it’s not the drains!

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MM and GT

She ventures down into Undermunder and discovers three little monsters who can’t stop pumping out pony smells in fear.

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They’ve lost their kite and are too scared of the Ghoulie Gumpus to get it back!

Will Molly be able to show the happy pooch that there’s nothing to be scared of?

Molly Maybe is out now by Kristina Stephenson is out now – Click here to get your copy!

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