Check out Rover and the Big Fat Baby by Roddy Doyle!

The BFB (Big Fat Baby) is missing!

51aqh4c6vpl-_sx321_bo1204203200_Rover the wonder dog and his little nephew Messi (who is actually very tidy) need to track down the missing Big Fat Baby!

While they are hot on the trail of the Big Fat Baby they travel via Granny Mack’s backpack, the post lady’s basket and a plane bound for Africa!

Plus! It looks like the Giggles are about to run out of poo…

And without an urgent delivery from Rover, how will they be able to give the Giggler Treatment to grumpy adults and help kids all over the country?

Rover and the Big Fat Baby by Roddy Doyle is out now! Click here to get your copy!

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