Check out these new my little BABY BornĀ® and Baby AnnabelĀ® dolls!

They're so cute and cuddly!

We’ve been checking out the brand new my littleĀ BABYĀ® Born and Baby AnnabelĀ® dolls from Zapf CreationĀ®Ā here at Fun Kids. They’re perfect if you love playing with dollies!Ā Click here to find out more!

822517 my little BABY born Hold My hands doll (1)

My little BABY bornĀ® Hold my HandsĀ is so cute and cuddly. All you need to do is hold both of her hands and she’ll sing you a song! Aww! She’s got a super-soft body, dressed in a fluffy purple romper, so she’s perfect to snuggle up to at bedtime.

793411 Baby Annabell Learn to Walk (1) - Copy - Copy

Baby AnnabellĀ® Learns to WalkĀ loves holding your hands so she can walk along with you. She’ll let you know if she’s had enough of sitting down by crying. When she gets tired of all that walking with you, you can lie her down so she’s nice and cosy and watch her close her eyes and go to sleep. So cute!

My little BABY bornĀ® Hold my Hands andĀ Baby AnnabellĀ® Learns to Walk are both out now. Click here to find out more!