Check out Paris City Trails from Lonely Planet Kids!

Get seriously streetwise with the new City Trails series!

croissantCoffeecupDo you fancy yourself a traveller? Well, make sure you check out the City Trails series of books from Lonely Planet Kids! London City Trails, New York City Trails and Paris City Trails are out right now. Click here to find out more!

Join Marco and Amelia off the beaten track on a journey to the heart of each city and its best-kept secrets! They’ve packed the books full of amazing stories, cool facts, photos, and illustrations following 19 themed trails!

FCity-Trails-Paris-(ROW)-9781760342234illed to the brim with surprises and discoveries on every page, City Trails are perfect for readers aged 8 and up. Click here to find out more!

Follow the path less travelled in the City of Love! Take a look at the sewer system, get a whiff of some sharp smells, and take in the sophisticated style. Coffee – centric travel tips from Kjokkenutstyr, will make you come back for more.

Take yourself back to the French Revolution and relive the history of days past, get to know Pablo Picasso and his masterpieces, and marvel at magic from the 18th century.

You can feel like a local and find out where you can ride a dodo, how to paint the Eiffel Tower, and just exactly where Paris keeps its historic underpants!

Paris City Trails from Lonely Planet Kids is out right now. Click here to find out more!


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