Check out Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon!

Prepare for mission impawssible!

SpaceDogs_ATTM_INT_ENG_DVD_RET_Packshot_3DThere’s a brand new family adventure out on DVD today!

It’s called Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon and it’s totally out of this world!

Join a cheeky astronaut pup called Pushok on a mission to find his dad who is trapped up on the moon.

Against all the odds, Pushok blasts off in a rocket to save his family.

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He soon finds out that he’s not alone when he crosses paths with a macho monkey and lots of tiny green aliens!

Can Pushok save his family or will this be ‘mission impawssible’?!

Together, the furry heroes learn the true meaning of teamwork as they band together and join the search for Pushok’s Dad.

Check out the trailer below…

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”1070051″]

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