How are Drumstick Lollies made? Gregg Wallace tries out on BBC Two’s Inside the Factory: Sweets

Watch how Swizzels Matlow manage to make 120,000 lollies a day!

The best bit about going to the hairdressers is definitely getting a free lolly at the end!

Our fave is the pink and white Drumstick lolly that Swizzels Matlow make!

But have you ever wondered how these are actually made?

Well, there’s a BBC series called Inside the Factory where presenters Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey go… erm… inside the factory to find out how things are done!

The pair popped down to Swizzels Matlow HQ to see how they turn 1200kg of sweet mixture into 120,000 lollipops – each day!

Warning: you will want a lolly after watching this!

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